Treatis Little World Conquest: Login

Treatis Little World Conquest



  • Option to hide contents of sensitive info boxes - done
  • (?) List number of cards held by each player
  • Logout function
  • E-mail reporting
  • Implement missions - done
  • Redirect back to attack page if player is first of the new round - done
  • Chat/Talk feature for log - done
  • Time limits on registration and placement phases - done
  • Update turn-start log entry to include the units the player has to place - done
  • (?) HTTP push for status page
  • Combine all unit losses into a single log entry, rather than one per roll - done
  • Colour country names on log file - done
  • Clear log on game reset - done
  • Country names on map - done
  • Fix adjancy of Greenland and NW Territory - done